Top 10 FREE Invoicing Software for Small Businesses

Top 10 Free Invoicing Software for Small Businesses – Best Invoice Software Free

Forget of doing the Traditional way of Businesses. In today’s digital world, people are adopted to use lot of tools and software to cut cost and reduce their burden in managing their Businesses. Even it is a Kirana shop / Online Kirana store, Bakery shop, Medical shop, Groceries Shop, Meat shops, Restaurants, Hotels, Stationary shop, Automobile service and repair shop, Event management, Photography shop. You name whatever shop or small business you manage. All these businesses are moved to Digital space in the recent years of 2 major economical, global and Digital transformation in India.

  1. JIO Free Internet Launch in India – This made huge people to easily access the internet with FREE of cost in India. Since, it is the World’s Largest consumer country.
  2. Covid-19 Global crisis – Due to covid, people stopped using the old paper’s and notebooks to record their accounting process. Even in most tier 2, tier 3 cities, towns and villages in India, many small business owners are started accepting through online to avoid collecting cash in the hand manually. UPI payment during the 2020, 2021 hit high in India.

To manage any Small or Medium Businesses, the Business owner should have the Basic software of “Accounting / Invoicing” Software.

There are lot of Free Invoicing Software for Small Businesses are available in the internet. Below are the List of Best FREE Invoicing Software for Small Businesses. Free features has less features for a limited users and limited days/period. While enabling to the premium paid version, you can able to access their all advanced features at a less cost of around Rs.600 – Rs.1800/month. Most of software’s are availing it as subscription fee with a monthly or yearly plan. Annual plan cost around Rs.8400/year. Choosing the Annual plan can get more discount than going for monthly plan.

  1. The Invoice. (
  2. Zoho Invoice.
  3. WaveApps.
  4. Invoice Ninja.
  5. Simple Invoivce.
  6. FreshBooks
  7. Invoice Berry.
  8. Invoicely.
  9. Square.
  10. Invoice2Go.

1. The Invoice.

The Invoice” is the one of the Best Free Invoicing Software for Small Businesses, Freelancers, Consultants, Contractors that helps to create professional invoices to your clients. Grow your Business using “The Invoice” and collect payment instantly.

Free Invoice Software for Small Business in India | Freelancers Invoice Software Generator
FREE Invoice Software for Small Businesses, Freelancers (Gig workers), Consultants & Contractors.

The Invoice” is the currently used by almost more than 1 Million+ users across Globe.

It was launched in 2019 as a Freemium product to make the Invoicing Solutions simple to Startup companies, Freelancers, Consultants & Contractors. The Invoice – Invoicing Software helped many small businesses by providing the accounting solution in a simplest way by accessing it anywhere from world – via Mobile or Desktop or Tablet.

  • You can download Multiple Invoices in PDF’s – No money will be charged!
  • You can select the option of enabling the Multiple foreign countries currency symbol to make the Invoice meaningful for processing International client payments.
  • Apply Tax – “GST” & “Discount amount” feature is available for you to add easily.
  • Mobile Responsive & compatible to all devices/OS/browsers.
  • Choose the Invoice Theme color and you can preview it before exporting the Invoice document.
  • You can add your Business Logo in Invoice.
  • Invoice Template for Multiple Businesses.
  • Notes for Additional write-ups like updating Terms & Conditions, Bank Details and any important notes can be added.

You can access – “The Invoice” below just by clicking the link.

Premium versions has lot more features than any other Invoice software:

Check out for Website & LinkedIn, Facebook.


Zoho Invoice is one of the Best Invoicing & Accounting software for any Small Business owners. Zoho Invoice has the same feature of creating, sending, viewing and updating the Invoice from your dashboard.

3. Wave Apps

Wave Apps is one of the Globally used top accounting software for startup business founders, accountants, freelancers and consultants. It has wide range of feature which enables used to create and send Multiple Invoices from the dashboard.

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