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Looking for the Best Digital Marketing Consultant in Chennai for your Online business growth in 2024?

Before searching for the Top Digital Marketing Expert in Chennai or Top Digital Marketing Consultant in Chennai to transform your current business online marketing strategies; Read to know, Which is best for your project. Digital Marketing Freelancer or Digital Marketing Consultant or Digital Marketing Agency in Chennai or Digital Marketing SEO companies ?

Digital Marketing Freelancer’s in Chennai, Tamil Nadu – India:

  1. Hiring Freelancer for your Small project is one of the best and cost effective way for Startup’s.
  2. Freelancers around various parts of our country charge based on Hourly basis for each project.

Type of Freelancer in Digital Marketing: (Digital Marketing Freelancers can be called in depth as a Segment wise by)

  1. SEO Freelancer.
  2. Social Media Freelancer.
  3. Content Marketing Freelancer.
  4. Video Editing Freelancer.
  5. Image / Graphic Designing Freelancer.
  6. Email Marketing Freelancer.

How much a Digital marketer earn in India? (Digital Marketing Freelance rates India):

  1. Most of the Digital marketing freelancer in India will Charge about $5/hour, $10/hour, $20/hour (Less experienced – 6 months to 2 years Experienced) to $100/hour, $250/hour, $250/hour (Well Experienced – At-least minimum 5 years in Digital Marketing Field/Domain.
  2. For the Best Quality results – Costs will be very High.

Digital Marketing Consultant in IndiaChennai, Tamil Nadu

  1. Hiring a Digital Marketing Expert or Consultant for your project will be more effective than a Freelancer can do.
  2. Especially, Freelancer’s work on their Free time or some Full time Freelancers will have multiple projects. All those works are done periodically by splitting each project. But a Consultant can make it more effective when compared with most Digital Marketing Freelancers.

Type of Consultant in Digital Marketing: (Digital Marketing Consultant can be called in depth as a Segment wise by)

  1. SEO Consultant / Expert.
  2. Social Media Consultant / Expert.
  3. Content Marketing Consultant / Expert.
  4. Video Editing Consultant / Expert.
  5. Image / Graphic Designing Consultant Expert.
  6. Email Marketing Consultant / Expert.


Digital Marketing Expert in Chennai – Niranjan

What is Digital Marketing in 2024?

What are the Types of Digital Marketing is going to change the Digital World in 2024?

What are the Latest Digital Marketing Trends for 2024?

What is Digital Marketing?


What is Digital Marketing in 2024?

Digital Marketing is marketing of Products & Services using Digital media technologies on Internet using Search Engine, Social Media, Mobile Apps, Websites, Display Advertising, Video advertising, Re-Marketing or Re-Targeting Ads, Emails, Banner Ads and so on.

Niranjan is one of the Best Digital marketers in Chennai, India. During the Covid-19 situation in the year 2020, all world business are shutdown because of Lockdown. But, Niranjan has made earnings of Rs.80,000/- per week by helping more students and entrepreneurs thriving into Internet world. What to learn more? Contact Niranjan through Facebook, Instagram or any other social media.

What are the Types of Digital Marketing in 2024:

Here are the 15 Types of Digital Marketing that you should know before investing some amount in Online marketing for your business or personal branding:


Top 10 Digital Marketers in India Chennai – Types of Digital Marketing

  1. Search Engine Optimization. (SEO)
  2. Search Engine Marketing. (SEM)
  3. Social Media Optimization. (SMO)
  4. Social Media Marketing. (SMM)
  5. Pay Per Click Ads – Marketing. (PPC Ads)
  6. Affiliate Marketing.
  7. Email Marketing.
  8. Content Marketing.
  9. Image Marketing.
  10. Meme Marketing.
  11. Blog Marketing.
  12. Video Marketing.
  13. Podcast Marketing.
  14. Influencer Marketing.
  15. Viral Marketing.

Trends in Digital Marketing 2024:


Trends in Digital Marketing – Best digital marketing companies in Chennai

  1. Voice Search.
  2. AI (Artificial Intelligence) Chatbots.
  3. Shoppable Posts in Social Media (Instagram already rolled out in 2019)
  4. Hyper-Targeted Advertisements.
  5. Interactive Content.
  6. Personalization in Marketing
  7. SEO 2024.

Digital Marketing Consultant in Chennai

In a competitive Digital world, you need to be updated! Being a Digital Marketing Expert is not so easy and many are owing the title as “Digital Marketing Expert or Consultant in India” – But what made “Niranjan” to appear among Top Digital Marketers in Chennai Tamil Nadu India? – It’s completely Hardwork, Passion and Determination to make Stand out of other Digital Marketing Experts in India.



Niranjan Ramesh Babu – Digital Marketing Influencer in India, Chennai.

  • Niranjan is Serial Entrepreneur, who is the Founder of various organizations like Digital Transformation Company & FinTech Product Company. Also he owns Political Analytics firm.
  • Niranjan is experienced Integrated Digital Marketing Expert having 8+ years of Industrial experience working in various companies across globe.
  • Digital Marketing Professional turned Business Analyst/Political Strategist Professional. Handled large set of Raw Data to transform into Insights. List of Tools:
    • Marketo (Marketing Analytics)
    • Salesforce (SFDC)
    • Tableau
    • PowerBI
    • Microsoft Excel for Data Analytics.
  • Digital Marketing Professional turned Web Developer Professional. Having knowledge in Developing Basic and Advance Websites like Business websites, Portfolio websites, E-commerce websites, etc. Technologies:
    • HTML
    • CSS
    • PHP
    • SQL
  • What extra Digital & SEO Skills have

Best Digital Marketing Consultant in India

Top Digital Marketing Consultant in Chennai Tamil Nadu India


Best Digital Marketing Consultant in Chennai India.


Top Digital Marketing Expert Consultant in Chennai, Tamil Nadu – India

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