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Women's Participation in Politics - Women in Politics in India

Women Politics in India – Political Education & Women Participation

India is the World’s Largest Democratic Country in the World, which has Female voter’s who turnout for Indian General Elections …

Political Strategist in India

Political Marketing Agency / Expert in India

We are team of Political Marketing and Election Campaign Experts having experience in Political Campaign creation, Image building of Candidate …

Political PR Agency in India

Political PR Agency in India

Political PR Consulting Agencies are trending in India after the Politicians and Political Consultant are started invested their Election campaign …

Google Hotel Ads – A Complete Guide to increase your Hotel Bookings & Revenue.

What is Google Hotel Ads: Google Hotel Ads is a type of Google Ads in which a hoteliers can able …

How to Become a Political Consultant in India

Becoming a Political consultant/strategist in India is an ambitious endeavor that requires a combination of knowledge, experience, and specialized training. …

Political Leadership Training Courses in India

Political Leadership Courses in India – Top 10 Political Training for aspiring Politicians

As you search in the Internet, you might found many Political Leadership courses to start a career as a aspiring …

How to apply Online Marriage Registration Certificate in Chennai, Tamil Nadu? Download, Search -TNREGINET

Documents Required for Marriage Registration Certificate – Apply Online Tamil Nadu marriage registration online: (Marriage registration online Tamil Nadu documents required) Proof …

How to fix “Duplicate without user-selected canonical” in Search Console

If you face an error in Google search console like, “Duplicate without user-selected canonical”. Then you might have to look …

Best Hotel Marketing Company in Chennai Tamil Nadu India - Digital Marketing Strategy for Hotels

Hotel Marketing Strategy 2023 – Google Hotel Ads Agency in India

What is Google Hotel Ads? Google Hotel Ads is a program that allows hotels to promote their rooms and rates …

Google Ads (PPC) Formula in Digital Marketing

Top 13 Google Ads (PPC) Formula for Digital Marketers – PPC Formula Cheat Sheet

If you are looking for the Digital marketing formula’s for your Google Ads campaign to optimize your Ads and to …

op 10 Political Consulting Firms in India - Top Election Management agency - Political Strategist in India

Top 10 Political Consulting Firms in India

If you are looking for the Top 10 Best Political consulting firms in India to manage your upcoming Election campaign. …

Best Political Strategist in Bangalore Karnataka - India

Political Consultant In Bangalore – Karnataka

If you are looking for the Best Political Strategist In Bangalore, Karnataka to work for your upcoming Election? Then, you …

NFT Marketing Strategy - Ultimate Guide & Checklist for Web 3 Marketing NFT

Best NFT Marketing Strategies – The Ultimate Guide & Checklist

NFT Marketing Strategy: NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are digital assets that represent ownership of a unique item or piece of …

Future of Metaverse in India – Next Generation Technology

Future of Metaverse in India – Next Generation Technology

What is Metaverse? Metaverse is a combination of Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and 3D Virtual, people can able …

Top 10 FREE Invoicing Software for Small Businesses

Top 10 Free Invoicing Software for Small Businesses – Best Invoice Software Free

Forget of doing the Traditional way of Businesses. In today’s digital world, people are adopted to use lot of tools …

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About Niranjan

Niranjan is one of the Top Digital Marketing Influencer in India, Entrepreneur, Business Analyst and Political Strategist in India. Niranjan is done his Masters in Information Technology (MBA – IT) from Anna University, Chennai.

In 2006 (at the age of 12), Started exploring Internet world and created basic website using HTML coding at age of 14. Crazy in the tech domain made me to analyse lot more new things by doing various research in World Wide Web(WWW), search engines like Yahoo, Google, MSN, AOL. Today, Niranjan is one of the notable Digital Marketing experts in India by helping various Startups and Entreprenuers to turn their business more profitable.

Niranjan is on a mission to create impact and educate Youths of Tamil Nadu for a better Political Leadership.
Political Strategist in India - Political Branding Expert in Chennai Tamil Nadu

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