Small Business ideas after Lockdown in India

Top 10 Business ideas running successful during and after Lockdown in India

During this World Pandemic and Lockdown, most of the business are going bankrupt and shutdown. Each Businesses are struggling in there own way and completely facing loss because of lack of Digital Transformation. Check out our analysis part for “Business ideas before and after Lockdown”.

In this video, I have listed the Top 10 Business Ideas which are very successfully running during Lockdown period in India. Even if you are willing to start as a Small Business – These ideas will trigger you. (Small business, Medium business to Enterprise level businesses – MSME Business)

Business Ideas before and after Lockdown in India – Niranjan

Business Ideas after Lockdown in India 2020

1. Digital Streaming (Amazon, Netflix)

2. Digital Payments (Google Pay, Apple Pay, Paytm, Instamojo, PayPal, RazorPay)

3. Health & Fitness (DocsApp, Practo)

4. Online Gaming (Pubg, LUDO)

5. Medicine & Health care (Hospitals, Clinics, Medicine and medical equipment manufactures)

6. Online Grocery (BigBasket, ~Zomato, ~Swiggy) * ~Introduced the Grocery feature based on Lockdown demand. JioMart.

7. E-commerce – Online Shopping (Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Myntra)

8. Video Communications (Zoom, GoToMeeting, WebinarJam, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams)

9. Crowfunding Platforms (Ketto, ImpactGuru)

10. Online Learning (Coursera, edX, LinkedIn Learning) These Businesses are already existing across Globe. Due to present situation of World’s Pandemic and Lockdown; most of businesses got shutdown, but these sectors are over-performing very well.

Businesses connected with Digital technologies with software tools are sustaining well in this period. Before starting the business, have on the new Business Ideas in Lockdown and their demand.

If you are from India and willing to startup your business with Government of India – MSME scheme, these ideas are very helpful for you to focus and grow your business on Micro Small Medium Enterprises sector – MSME Business Ideas.

Most affected industries in this Covid 19 situation:

  1. Travel sectors (Flight Booking, Hotels, Tour).
  2. Entertainment sectors (Malls, Theme Parks, Cinema Theaters, Event Shows)
  3. Automobile sectors (Two wheeler – Motorbikes & Four wheeler – Cars)
  4. Restaurant sectors. (Dine in at Malls, Restaurants)

Do you feel, If I want to add more industry sectors in this list – then comment below.

Similar to these example Indian applications, If you look into each and every countries these sectors are performing well and going to rule in the future of Digital transformation world. I hope these Business ideas not only impacted in World’s second largest populated country in India. Mostly impacted in Corona Virus affected regions in the world like United States of America (USA), United Kingdom (UK), Australia, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Philippines, Bangladesh, China, Africa, Russia and so on. I hope everything will gets normal. Wishing everyone to do a safe Business and take care of your health. Love you everyone!

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