Women's Participation in Politics - Women in Politics in India

Women Politics in India – Political Education & Women Participation

India is the World’s Largest Democratic Country in the World, which has Female voter’s who turnout for Indian General Elections almost near to 65% in the Last 2019 Elections.

No. of Women politicians elected in Lok Sabha Elections:

  • 2019 Indian General Elections = 78 Female Candidates.
  • 2014 Indian General Elections = 52 Female Candidates.
  • 2009 Indian General Elections = 64 Female Candidates.

In India, Naam Tamilar Katchi is the 1st Political Party to announce 50:50 Ratio of Lok Sabha seats during 2019 Elections: as the Tamil Nadu state has 39+1(Pondicherry)=40 seats. They have equally shared the seats to Men and Women as 20/20 as Total 40. Even, in recent Tamil Nadu State Assembly Election 2021 they have followed the same of allocating seats to women’s in equal proportion. The Tamil Nadu State has 243 Assembly Constituency, 117 for Men Candidates and 117 for Women Candidates.

In India, we have seen Women’s in various Political Leadership Level Roles like in

  • President. (Pratibha Devisingh Patil, Droupadi Murmu)
  • Prime Minister. (Indira Gandhi)
  • Chief Minister. (Mamta Banerjee, J Jayalalitha, Sheila Dikshit, Vasundhara Raje)
  • Minister.
  • MLA.
  • Ward Councilor.
Women’s Representation in Politics – Women’s in Politics in India (Political Education)

Let’s encourage Women’s to enter Politics and create a stronger nation. Women Empowerment in Politics.

It’s not easy for a women to become a Politicians, they have to manage more things in family & society to overcome this stereotypes and to get success in Politics to become Leaders and Policy makers.

“India needs more Women Leaders with strong Leadership skills!”

– Niranjan Ramesh Babu

If you are looking to Learn the Political Ecosystem and wanted to get contested in the upcoming MP or MLA or Councilor Elections? Career for Political Education is growing drastically in India.

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