Google rolls out Signature feature in Gmail Pop-up compose

Google’s adds “Signature” feature in their Gmail popup compose

Google’s Gmail add “Signature” feature in their Pop-up compose window.

What are the benefit of adding “Signature” feature inside the Compose window?

  1. Manage Signature.
  2. No Signature.
  1. Manage Signature: It will redirects the gmail to General settings page as shown below,

Gmail prompts us to add/create New Signature in General settings page – “Create New” with Plus icon.

You need to enter your signature name under – “Name new signature” popup box.

I have mentioned “Signature name” as Personal Branding Signature – (As, I’m building and maintaining my Personal Branding across Globe from Chennai, India.)

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Once you have added your “New Signature” name as I mentioned in the above steps, it will start showing you the like this. (Refer below image)

Example signature format.

Signature used in the above image is just for an example demonstration purposes.

You can add/edit your signature using various already available features: Fonts, Formats, Underlined, Italic, Alignment, Add Image, Insert Links (URL), Number list, Bullet list, Quote format, Indent less, Indent more, Remove formatting.

2. No Signature: If you don’t want any signature to be added in your email, then enable this feature for empty blank without any signature.

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