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About Niranjan – Social Media Marketing Services in Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Niranjan is one of the Top Social Media Branding Expert, Digital Entrepreneur, Business Analyst Professional, Digital Marketing Consultant & growing Youngest Political Strategist from Chennai, Tamil Nadu – India.

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Why most of the Business in today’s generation are started focusing on Social Media?

10 to 15 years ago, majority of businesses market their product and services promotional activities through Traditional marketing platforms like Newspapers, Television (TV), Theatre, Radio Ads, Billboard & Pamphlet ads and more. But after the ages, human adopted to upskill their transformation to use modern mobile phone devices which support internet and social media apps. Due to the massive growth in the adoption of Social media users across globe, companies are started moving to attract and interact their target audience using the Social media platforms.

Social media & Digital technologies has given an option to interact with the users to access and purchase directly from Ads on a single click. The buyers are interested to purchase their products and services which they like and whom they trust from. Social media has changed the way of life and many cultures of most of the world people’s. The increase in users base and interest in social media apps makes the businesses to focus more on Social Media platforms instead of focusing on other traditional medium channels.

Using Social Media Platforms, we can estimate the reach, engagement, target audience profiles, interest, demographic and geographic and much more statistics can be viewed for comparison as a customizable report to track records. But using the TV or Radio ads, you cannot say how many people have viewed or heard your Ad and what will be potential buyers age group and much more analytics. Social media has given enormous amount of option to target to particular set of audiences and particular set of interest based – geographic & demographic targeted ads to run a successful marketing campaign which drives more sales conversion than the traditional marketing does and the cost for spending the TV ads on a prime time might be around 4 to 6 crore for 10 to 30 seconds ads in the high TRP channels. But you can spend more less amount to target the same set of audience and nurture them to follow up using various remarketing techniques to close the deal. For managing all your social media presence, connect with Best Social Media Experts / Consultants like Niranjan.

Niranjan is on of the Top Social Media Expert in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, can handle your Business social media profile and can set up your targeted ads to get more reach and high sales conversion.

Social Media marketing is need of the hour!

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  1. Real Estate
  2. Education.
  3. Retail.
  4. Travel.
  5. Healthcare.
  6. Banking.
  7. Government.
  8. Infrastructure, Construction.
  9. Architecture & Interior Design.
  10. Energy.


  1. Search Engine Optimization. (SEO)
  2. Search Engine Marketing. (SEM)
  3. Google Ads, Facebook & Instagram Ads.
  4. Social Media Optimization. (SMO)
  5. Social Media Marketing. (SMM)
  6. Email Marketing / WhatsApp Marketing.
  7. YouTube Video Ads.
  8. Influencer Marketing.
  9. Viral Marketing.
  10. Twitter Trending Marketing.

Social Media Marketing Services:

  1. Facebook (Meta) Marketing.
  2. Facebook Ads
  3. Twitter Marketing.
  4. Twitter Advertising.
  5. Twitter Trending Services – Top # Hashtag Trends in India.
  6. Instagram Marketing.
  7. Instagram Ads – Meta Ads.
  8. YouTube Video Marketing.
  9. YouTube Video Ads – Google Video Ads.
  10. Pinterest Marketing & Ads.
  11. Quora Marketing & Ads.
  12. LinkedIn Marketing & Ads.
  13. Viral Marketing Advertisement in Social Media.
  14. Creative Designs.
  15. Video Marketing for your Business.
  16. WhatsApp Marketing.

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