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SEO Expert in Chennai, Tamil Nadu – India

If you are looking to rank your website at top of the Search Engine for user searching keywords?

Most of the Business in today’s digital era, thinks that focusing on Social media channels and promoting in video and posting images through multiple channels are enough and they themselves believe that’s the only digital marketing way where they can reach their potential buyers and audiences.

Bitter truth to accept for any business owners to make belief is that in today’s digital lifestyle of tech companies receive majority of clients via organic SEO and search happening in the Google and other search engine platforms for their potential keywords.


You should “Keep an eye on Organic SEO.

Spending money on SEO is like investing in Real Estate or Gold for a 12 months to 24 months period. But you should invest the SEO with the right person who has well experienced in this techniques.

Niranjan is one the Top SEO Expert / SEO Consultant / SEO Specialist in Chennai and he has made most of this clients website to rank at the top of their search page at No:1 position.

SEO Consultant in Chennai | SEO Freelancer in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. 
SEO Expert in Chennai India.
Example of website: “Keyword Rank position” – No: 1 for “Future of Metaverse in India”

Read about the Future of Metaverse in India.


If you purchase a Real Estate property today and you want to sell it after a year. Then you will absolutely sell it after 12 to 24 months with the high profit sale only, but not for the low profit. Because you know it going to return the best value from it. Similarly, the Gold has huge potential in world market.

The same concept applies in SEO for your Business corporate website / Personal Branding Website:

Image a website with a proper SEO optimized and a website with not optimized for SEO. If you compare these both, obviously the SEO does website performs well and rank at top of results page for their targeted keywords.

Investing in SEO, really gives you huge of number of organic traffic, impressions to website. This is the one of the best strategy to promote your website online using SEO.

What is SEO?

SEO abbreviation is “Search Engine Optimization“.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process of increasing visibility to your website through organic way to rank for any particular keywords where your users search in the Search Engines.

Two Types of SEO:

  1. ON Page SEO.
  2. OFF Page SEO.

The Best SEO expert always use the legitimate practice of crawling your website to Search Engine using the best methods.

Caution: There are lot of SEO Freelancers, who does black hat SEO techniques which is absolute harm to your website like a virus, for their SEO services. Not all SEO Freelancers does that. But before choosing the Best SEO Freelancers for your Project, you should learn this Pro-tip to be cautious with them.

Note: Niranjan and his team follows White hat SEO techniques, which is the best practice in the Digital industry to rank organic SEO for your website. That’s the reason you found our website at the top of website!

Niranjan is a Google certified Digital Marketing Expert from Tamil Nadu, India and he has almost more than 8+ years experience in the SEO Industry with the very strong knowledge to rank for any tough keywords.

He has worked with 80+ Indian & International Brands to rank their website organically to get lot of traffic and sales.

Connect with the Top SEO Expert in Chennai for your SEO activities and get the best strategy analysis directly from Niranjan.


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